Toxic fitness culture wants you to believe that YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH.

It wants you to feel bad about your body, it wants you to feel guilty for not exercising enough, and it wants you to feel shame for not sticking with the perfect diet.

But guess what?

NONE of that is true. So let's start to deprogram that mindset and reclaim a healthy relationship with ourselves and our bodies!

The Course:

✅ Learn what toxic fitness culture is

✅ Identify how toxic fitness culture has impacted YOUR life

✅ Discover how to rebel against toxic fitness culture

✅ Reframe the beliefs that toxic fitness culture has ingrained in you

✅ Self-Paced Lecture Content

✅ x2 Explorative Workbooks

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If you want to make sustainable, holistic progress in your health and wellness goals, you HAVE to start here.

Hi! I'm Rachel.

I grew up doing martial arts and became fascinated with movement. I went on to dedicate my education and career to the health and wellness space. And although I've always tried to stay grounded, I got caught up in toxic fitness culture too. I realized it was everywhere, not just hanging out with the gym bros.

So, I created this mini course for y'all for FREE so you can stop getting in your own way. Or rather, so you can stop letting toxic fitness culture trick you into getting in your own way.